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Accessories to save you money , monitor your temperature

We are pleased to announce the launch of the SafeGuard  Low voltage Battery disconnect switch, part number 40-1118.
ThermoKing SafeGuard Battery Kitmonitors battery voltages when the unit is turned off and automatically disconnects your battery at low voltages ensuring that your battery will have enough charge to start your engine. This prevents auxiliary device or other accessories draining your battery. The SafeGuard Battery Kit protects your unit so that you will not have the inconvenience of lost downtime costs that are the result of a dead battery.

Key Features

  •                      Extends battery life
  •                      2 years warranty 
  •                      Maintenance free
  •                      Withstands extreme Temperature’s & humidity
  •                      Resistant to vibration
  •                      Reduces environmental impact
  •                      Prevents service call out, lost down time and battery replacement.
  •                      Prevent issues before they become a problem
  •                      Maximizes your time on the road.
Technical Specification

Disconnect Voltage
12.2 Volts
Voltage disconnect delay
2 minutes
468 grams
Size (Fitted to battery Terminal)
140 (L) X 60 (W) X  70 (H)
Operating Temperature
-40 °C to 125°C
IP Rating
CE Rated
Terminal torque
6.8 Nm Max 60 in-Lbs


Fuel filtration and priming system

Increase uptime and reduce call out costs


The 3-in-1 fuel filtration and priming
system comprises:
  •  fuel filter
  •  water separator
  •  priming pump
It operates by removing foreign particles and water
from all types of fuel to ensure that the unit operates                                       
Part N° Discription
100415 Fuel filtration and priming system – includes fittings
Replacement filter 30 Microns
Wrench Tool
on full capacity enabling efficient fuel consumption. In
addition the system can be easily primed by the driver.
  • Key Features
  •  Removes contaminants from fuel
  •  Rugged priming pump for on the spot fast system
  •   priming
  •  Replaceable water separator prevents water from
  •   entering the fuel system
  •  Reduces running costs and increases engine life
  •  Easy to retrofit for all truck and trailer applications