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New Trailer Refrigeration Product Range From Thermo King

The SLX range delivers reduced fuel costs, whisper-quiet operation, efficient load protection and unmatched ease of use. By minimising fuel consumption, engine emissions and operating noise, the SLX provides you with the ideal temperature control solution, for an environmentally-responsible operation.

Trailer Range


Thermo King’s new T-Series is the result of years of R&D and exhaustive testing.

Built on the proven reliability of the TS and MD product ranges, the T-Series sets new industry standards for reliability, performance and efficiency.

Low operation and maintenance costs, as well as fuel saving technologies, make sure you save money throughout your unit’s life cycle.

Easy system operation reduces the risk of user errors, while easy service and monitoring allow the unit to run at optimum efficiency at all times.

The T-Series also sets new standards when it comes to the reduction of emissions, waste and noise pollution, offering unmatched performance with minimal environmental impact.

Whatever your application and needs, the T-Series is available in a complete range of capacities, making it the perfect fit for all your transportation requirements.

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Direct Drive - Truck Range

Thermo King provides reliable and cost-effective solutions to your transport temperature control needs. We have been world leaders since we pioneered our technology in 1938.